Below is the re-branding Razorfish did for Purina’s classic ALPO brand. They came up with the concept of  ‘Al: The Voice of Every Dog’ then turned it over to me to put words in his snout. We took that concept, built on it, redesigned their corporate site and developed with solid social presence on Facebook.

All the copy is mine.

UPDATE: Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back by the leash. McGarryBowen hired me in March of 2013 to help with their rebranding of ALPO’s site.

The corporate site was so boring. We decided to keep it interesting for users by sprinkling in the voice of Al wherever we could get away with.

This was our callout to get involved with the Facebook page we developed. It was far more robust and fun than the corporate site.

Welcome to the Pack! This, of course, is where the paw hits the pavement. We decided a multi-tabbed experience would work best. We used our wall to connect with consumers, like asking people to submit pictures of their dogs. Boy, do people like to submit pictures of their dogs. We also seeded our Facebook feed with messages from ‘Al’.

Once I selected a picture of a cute puppy, posted it, and in the voice of Al asked people to give me a caption for it.

In two hours, we received 440 captions.

Get a coupon, watch a video or join the Real Dogs of America. What more could a dog want?

We not only came up with an online store, but we came up with all the fun, canine inspired items available for sale.

For a quarterly refresh, we came up with several profile pics to put on the page, still supporting the concept that ‘Al’ is the voice of all dogs, so he needs more than one profile pic.

Fun rich media execution. The user’s cursor controlled the can, and the closer it was dragged to the dog’s mouth, the more drool would drip from his lips.

Below is Al’s Canine Communicator, a mobile app we pitched to complement the campaign.

It was simple. Your dog starts barking, hit the button, capture it in your smartphone.

Through the magic of advanced algorithms, it translates canine barks into human text.

It lets you know exactly what your pup is saying! Practical application of digital innovation at its finest.

This was a great online branding campaign, and social experience. It led to more opportunities within Purina. In the end, we walked away from the business. There just wasn’t enough meat on the bone.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.